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  • Jan 21


    “Lisa’s broad insight into relationships, her wisdom in the area of personal growth and her sincerity has helped me immensely.  Additionally, she guided my wife Erin and I to understand the value of synchronicity before getting married – her coaching was invaluable.

    Lisa is an amazing individual with energy, enthusiasm for life and a deep passion to help others live with purpose, passion and pursue a life that is in alignment with their true self.  I highly recommend Lisa and her coaching services for whatever positive transformation you desire for your life!”


  • Jan 21



    “Lisa has been such a positive influence in the transformation of my life. She is extraordinarily patient, listens intuitively and is able to see where you shine. Step by step, she led me in finding my passions.

    Through her belief in me I learned to take action.  She heard my fears, my struggles and my doubts.  Her compassion helped me move through these emotions and gain confidence, love myself and experience happiness in every moment, every relationship, and every act.

    Lisa encouraged me to be my best self!  Her contagious energy inspired me to live my life to its fullest.  I would not be speaking in public, volunteering in my community, and getting out there and attaining my dreams if it were not for Lisa’s support.”


  • Feb 3



    “Lisa is an amazing spirit and healer.  She truly understands how to provide her clients with the love, patience, guidance, and support that very few others can give in the way she does.  If your’e looking to transform your life in a positively miraculous way, don’t wait to contact Lisa because I guarantee that through working with her you will find more joy and abundance than you ever knew possible.”


  • Oct 30

    “Lisa is one of those exceptional people who really, truly cares about our world. She understands exactly how to use her very special gifts to facilitate in herself the positive changes that she sees the world to be capable of. She does the same with her clients. I know of no person more giving and inspirational than Lisa. Through her gifts and beautiful spirit, she is able to help people see their own inner light, align with their destiny, and thus create a new positive model for the world.”


  • Nov 9

    “Astounding! I’ve work with many coaches before Lisa and she was by far and above the most capable in guiding me to living a healthier lifestyle and helping me get in touch with my passions. She provided me with the tools I needed to get through the roadblocks on my journey and start applying new strategies easily and effectively. After a very short time I feel so much better about my health and my energy has allowed me to truly focus on the things I want to achieve most in life. Thank you Lisa!!”


  • Nov 10

    “Lisa is so amazing! She has so much knowledge about how food really works to support our healing, and she is able to easily transfer that knowledge into simple, actionable information for her clients. Lisa also has a huge heart and truly cares for her clients and wants only the best whole-life outcome for them.

    Lisa’s energy is contagious! Being around her or talking to her on the phone inspires me to be the healthiest I can be. As a health coach myself, Lisa is my go to person for information and support for my own health as well as my clients.”


  • Lori Hill

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    Nov 10

    “I have had the privilege of working with Lisa and I can honestly say that she has changed my life for the better and has opened me up to greater levels of self-awareness. I have learned to enjoy the constant adventure of discovering more about what I want out of this life and how to make it happen through great healthy living habits and focusing on what’s most important to live a full life! Thank you Lisa!”


  • Dec 7

    “Lisa has exceptional follow through and provides the inspiration to help me stay focused on what’s most important and achieving my goals. I’ve always struggled eating nutritionally, a challenge that Lisa easily is willing to undertake. Her strong belief and encouragement in helping others eat and live positively has helped dramatically with my progress. I’m impressed with the vast knowledge and passion she brings when discussing the benefits of eating for wellness, making healthy lifestyle habits in general and helping me to focus on my passions. My goal is to gain optimal energy and more clarity in my life and with Lisa’s mentoring, I am achieving that! I’m grateful to Lisa as a friend and counselor, her unique humor and kindness has not gone unappreciated, I owe my success directly to her because without her generosity of time and focused encouragement such things could not be accomplished on my own.”


  • Dec 9

    “I am extremely grateful to have worked with Lisa. The program she tailored for me was so much better than I thought it would be as I was very skeptical before getting started! I was nervous and thought I was saying goodbye to good food and hello to food without taste but Lisa gave me easy things to change and it really helped to do it in steps and not all at once. She was so helpful working at my pace and was respectful in addressing my limitations.

    I feel my greatest achievement is getting my children to eat healthier, and that is huge! In addition, it has had a ripple affect because as I was telling people what I was doing they were inspired to try and eat better as well. The information was surprisingly easy to apply to our daily living; it has changed my entire family’s eating habits which I know will reflect in our overall health for the rest of our lives; and, I actually enjoyed doing it! Thanks Lisa!”


  • Nov 10

    “Through my sessions with Lisa, she inspired me to change the way I eat. She explained to me why eating organic is so important. Many people have told me to buy/eat organic, but I never understood WHY. That is such an important aspect of changing the way I eat. She got me so excited about making positive changes in my lifestyle! Lisa made great simple suggestions for a healthier approach to changing my eating habits. Her suggestions were tailored to my tastes and my family’s tastes. She even told me which stores near me have food options. She gave me multiple solutions for every meal, some of which were only slightly different than what I have already been eating. I learned about food choices that I could easily avoid in my diet to promote better health. It has been easy to make a smooth transition to a healthier lifestyle with Lisa’s help. She has so much education and knowledge to share with the world!”


  • Nov 9

    “Lisa’s coaching was much more than I had hoped for. Part of me wanted to make big changes before, and part of me was holding back. Lisa reassured me and took things at my pace (which picked up quickly) so I would not feel overwhelmed. I found her methods easy, refreshing and not at all like “going on a diet.” I have a new way of looking at food, and building energy. Feeling so much better about things helps me to enjoy life much more and I see through new eyes, not just with food, but with all my lifestyle choices. If you are looking for ways to increase your energy and get so much more out of your day and your life, this program is for you! Thank you Lisa!”


  • Nov 1

    “Lisa is worlds apart from any other holistic lifestyle coach you will ever meet! She knows about food’s affect on the body and she knows which foods are better to eat and can tell you why. Additionally, Lisa takes a wholistic approach when working with you that includes spirituality and relaxation. She will work with you to achieve your goals and does not impose her own eating style on anyone. Instead of just lecturing, Lisa teaches you in a way that you truly understand and then make better choices based on this understanding. You will be so glad you worked with her!”


  • Nov 9

    “I have been working with Lisa for a few months now and have had amazing change in my life! She not only helped me to understand why I was eating the way I was, but showed me how easy it is to change my attitude and habits for better eating. I have more energy and I just feel happier. My daughter is only two years old and I am so excited to be getting her started on the right track now so she can develop good, healthy habits too. Thanks Lisa for not just teaching me how to eat right, but how to live right – my relationships are great and I am truly starting to live my passions! With much gratitude.”


  • Nov 1

    “Lisa is an extraordinarily talented, extremely knowledgeable wellness coach who literally helped me turn my life around. Today, thanks to Lisa, I am eating whole foods – gluten free, fresh veggies, fruits, healthy proteins, delicious smoothies, as well as taking appropriate supplements. The results – natural weight loss, more energy, clearer thinking, and much happier in my skin!

    Lisa’s ability to listen carefully, and provide personal guidance and unique recommendations for lifestyle changes definitely leads to total wellness – in body, mind and spirit. BRAVO Lisa! And thank you so very much.”