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    Nov 1

    The Passion Test For Ideal Relationships

    What Would a Loving, Fulfilling Romantic
    Relationship Mean for Your Life?

    During this course, you’ll learn:

    • Where to Start – The Power of Clarity – How to know a potential partner or if the one you’re with is the one for you. Do you need to have the same passions? What to do when you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. How to be sure you’re compatible. Knowing how specific you need to be. Does he/she have to be perfect? The key question when you are just getting to know each other. Do you have to date?
    • Getting Out of Your Own Way – What to do so you don’t drive that perfect partner away. Overcoming the fear of rejection. Overcoming the fear of anything. Knowing that you deserve the relationship you dream of. Getting past unrequited love. Clearing the baggage from the past. What to do if you’re consistently attracting the wrong kind of partner. Knowing when you are ready.
    • Enjoying the Process – Where to look for your perfect mate. Chemistry AND friendship, you can have both. Knowing whether differences are opportunities to grow or fundamental incompatibilities. Creating frictionless communication. Why you are never “over the hill.” When to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em – knowing when to let go. Does distance matter? How long to wait for them to be ready to commit.
    • Creating Your Ideal Relationship for the Long Term – How to keep the excitement alive. When years don’t matter. How to know its forever. The secret to changing the things you can’t stand in them. The secret to commitment – making one and receiving one. Where finances fit in. The secret of being irresistible. How to create intimacy – into me you see.
    • True Love: What It Really Means – Why finding your perfect partner is the key to every relationship in your life. Does everyone have a perfect partner? What about the ones you left behind? What about the one you’re with now? Becoming the happiest and most powerful you, you can be. What to do when you can’t stand it any more. How to love without conditions and never sacrifice yourself. Understanding how Janet and Chris have the remarkable relationship they enjoy, and you can too, with anyone in your life.

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    Dialogues with the Masters

    How Important is Freedom to You?

    “Whether you long for financial freedom, an ideal relationship, freedom from worry, anxiety, or stress, or the freedom to enjoy life fully, let some of the wisest Masters in the world help you discover what real freedom really means.” ~Janet Attwood

    Is This Package Right for You?

    The Dialogues for the Masters package is for you if you have ever:

    • struggled to find answers to the challenges in your life
    • felt there has to be more than this
    • experienced the deep inner longing for awakening
    • wrestled with financial issues or been lost in a relationship that isn’t working
    • tasted the sweet nectar of sitting in the presence of the wise
    • longed to feel at peace with life

    There is a reason that the ancient scriptures encourage seekers to sit with the enlightened. These true knowers of reality have drank from the well of joy that is available to every one of us. It only makes sense that they can point us in the direction to drink from that same well ourselves.

    What Does It Mean for You to Sit With a Master?

    Sitting with these Masters is like sitting in pure love. You can’t see their deep level of happiness without being transformed in some way yourself. There is a profound sense that everything is OK, that every moment is a gift.

    I can’t imagine that you can watch these DVDs and not be profoundly moved. I’ve watched them many, many times, and they still affect me every time.

    I feel the deepest gratitude to be able to make these very special and remarkable interviews available to you. It is said that you become like those with whom you spend time. My prayer is that this set of videos and audios will allow you to spend time with the enlightened, again and again.

    With all my love and wishing you the greatest blessings,

    Janet Bray Attwood, co-author of the NY Times bestseller, The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to
    Discovering Your Destiny

    Dialogues with the Masters:

    • 6 DVDs
    • 9 Audio CDs
    • 38 page booklet of Janet’s
      story from The Passion Test

    It is very difficult to put a price on the value of the knowledge contained in this package. And we must. A portion of the profits from this package will be given to the Masters who were interviewed in it to support their charitable work.

    In the future, we expect to sell this package for $497.00. But by placing your advance order now, you may sit with some of the wisest people in the world in the comfort of your home, for just $199.00.

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    Passionate Life Secrets

    This program is an introduction for people that have taken The Passion Test Profile or have just been introduced to The Passion Test. Cost is $397.00 for the self-paced multimedia training and 5 other bonuses.

    The Passionate Life Secrets multimedia program includes:

    • 24 videos from Janet & Chris with knowledge, tools and advice on how to create a Passionate Life
    • A “Personal Passion Planner” workbook for clients to track their progress and complete weekly assignments
    • Access to new interviews weekly from the Passions of Real Life Legends series

    Bonus Training Materials

    1. 70-minute Audio – “7 Secrets to a Living a Passionate Life”
    2. 2-hour Passion Test Workshop on video
    3. Monthly “Discover Your Passions” Teleclasses
    4. e-Book – “Quotes from The Passion Test”
    5. 30-minute telephone consultation with an advanced PT Facilitator

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