Live Your Vibrant Life

Live happy, healthy and on purpose!

  • Jan 21


    “Lisa’s broad insight into relationships, her wisdom in the area of personal growth and her sincerity has helped me immensely.  Additionally, she guided my wife Erin and I to understand the value of synchronicity before getting married – her coaching was invaluable.

    Lisa is an amazing individual with energy, enthusiasm for life and a deep passion to help others live with purpose, passion and pursue a life that is in alignment with their true self.  I highly recommend Lisa and her coaching services for whatever positive transformation you desire for your life!”


  • Jan 21



    “Lisa has been such a positive influence in the transformation of my life. She is extraordinarily patient, listens intuitively and is able to see where you shine. Step by step, she led me in finding my passions.

    Through her belief in me I learned to take action.  She heard my fears, my struggles and my doubts.  Her compassion helped me move through these emotions and gain confidence, love myself and experience happiness in every moment, every relationship, and every act.

    Lisa encouraged me to be my best self!  Her contagious energy inspired me to live my life to its fullest.  I would not be speaking in public, volunteering in my community, and getting out there and attaining my dreams if it were not for Lisa’s support.”