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  • Mar 21

    Are you walking your walk and talking your talk?  Whether it’s at the office, on the road or at home with family, you are always setting an example and people are watching.  I find one area out of balance for most people is what they are unknowingly teaching their own children.

    When it comes to taking care of ourselves, many parents are telling their kids what they should do but setting bad examples themselves.  When I was young, my parents always told me smoking was a horrible habit and to never start!  Meanwhile, the impact just wasn’t there for me while I watched as mom and dad were both lighting up at the tune of two packs a day!  The impact did hit when my mother announced she had lung cancer just a couple years after that.

    Just as harmful are others that don’t even try to teach their children about healthy eating, fresh air and exercise and avoidance of other poor lifestyle choices.  In many cases, it’s not their fault; they just don’t really recognize the issues themselves.  The kids are watching and there’s a great chance they’re following your lead.  That’s all they know and if you are living a life of low energy, poor health or negative thought patterns, then it is probably all you know, too.  At a minimum, you are not realizing the true impact of it on your whole being as well as theirs.

    Once you understand what does or does not serve you or your children, doesn’t it make sense that you have a responsibility to yourself and your children to make better choices?  You deserve the best and so do they!  If you do not decide to make changes now, then ask yourself if you are okay with your children growing up and experiencing the same results you’re getting.  You are their teachers and the learning resource they build their life on.

    I never followed the example of smoking in my family; however, I did follow the dietary examples.  What mom brought home to eat is what we ate.  I didn’t realize that much of what she served before knowing about her disease wasn’t very healthy, but when she decided to make huge dietary changes after her diagnosis, it made me acutely aware of the difference and how it served all of us better.  Because of something so simple, she lived a much better quality of life in her remaining years and I was able to carry it forward in my life and for my family.  Being in healthcare later in life, I became even more aware of how we feed our mind, body and spirit and have seen the amazing benefits of whole body nourishment in thousands of people!

    Think of the areas of your life that you may not be serving yourself and your children.  What is it that you truly want for their future in terms of health and happiness?  We always say we want the best for our kids, but are we really paying attention to the example we are setting?

    For more information on how to serve up the best for your family, check out my FREE report available here on How to Eat Organic and Healthy on a Budget and start being a brilliant example of Vibrant Living today for you and your family!