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  • Lisa Panico – Owner, A2Dlight, Inc.

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    Dec 9

    “I am extremely grateful to have worked with Lisa. The program she tailored for me was so much better than I thought it would be as I was very skeptical before getting started! I was nervous and thought I was saying goodbye to good food and hello to food without taste but Lisa gave me easy things to change and it really helped to do it in steps and not all at once. She was so helpful working at my pace and was respectful in addressing my limitations.

    I feel my greatest achievement is getting my children to eat healthier, and that is huge! In addition, it has had a ripple affect because as I was telling people what I was doing they were inspired to try and eat better as well. The information was surprisingly easy to apply to our daily living; it has changed my entire family‚Äôs eating habits which I know will reflect in our overall health for the rest of our lives; and, I actually enjoyed doing it! Thanks Lisa!”


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