Live Your Vibrant Life Live happy, healthy and on purpose!
  • Cheryl Pontius – President, MetamorPhysique

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    Dec 7

    “Lisa has exceptional follow through and provides the inspiration to help me stay focused on what’s most important and achieving my goals. I’ve always struggled eating nutritionally, a challenge that Lisa easily is willing to undertake. Her strong belief and encouragement in helping others eat and live positively has helped dramatically with my progress. I’m impressed with the vast knowledge and passion she brings when discussing the benefits of eating for wellness, making healthy lifestyle habits in general and helping me to focus on my passions. My goal is to gain optimal energy and more clarity in my life and with Lisa’s mentoring, I am achieving that! I’m grateful to Lisa as a friend and counselor, her unique humor and kindness has not gone unappreciated, I owe my success directly to her because without her generosity of time and focused encouragement such things could not be accomplished on my own.”


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