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  • Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

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    Nov 19

    Do you have a hard time making decisions?

    I sure used to (and occasionally, I still do). Then one day when I became keenly aware that I was spending way too much time on a particular move to make, or not, I realized a pattern in my life. When I was younger, it was nothing for me to quickly decide whether I wanted something or not, to go there, to do this, or whatever the situation– mostly, I just did it!

    As I got older and realized that deciding to do something (or not) can sometimes produce not so great results, I became more cautious. But, I also realized that the more I said “Yes!” to things, the more great opportunities that came my way and the more I said “No” the more I would stay stagnant.

    If we expect things to change in our lives, it means taking risks and not letting fear of failure, fear of the unknown or fear of what others think get in the way. By opening up to the opportunities in my life and saying “Yes” more often, I became more in the flow again. When I learned that there are no wrong answers, no failures and that we all are just given chance after chance until we ultimately serve our higher selves, well, then it really became much easier.

    Here are 4 tips to help you gain better decision-making power:

    1. Make decisions that keep you in alignment with your goals and that serve you best. For instance, is eating that hamburger keeping you in alignment with your desire to be a vegan? Or, is sitting on the couch watching TV after dinner in alignment with your desire to be fit and energized when you could be out on a walk?
    2. Think about all possible outcomes and ask yourself how you feel about each of them. Sometimes we stay in think mode so long trying to rationalize (I call it rational lies) that we never even consider how we truly feel about it. What are the possibilities of saying “yes” or “no”? Stay true to yourself, feel it, visualize it, and then go that way! Learn to trust your intuition.
    3. Know when enough research has been done. So often, we feel we just don’t know enough, when in fact, sometimes just making the decision will reveal what we are looking for! There comes a point when you just have to ask yourself, “Will any more information really aid me in making this decision?” Case in point: I was invited to attend a specialty workshop a while back and I found myself asking everybody what they thought about it, surfing the internet for background information and questioning myself over and over as to whether I really needed this. In the end, I simply realized that an opportunity was being handed to me to grow and expand more toward my ultimate goals and when I stopped to feel into it, I came up with a resounding “Yes!” It was a good decision…
    4. Know that every decision you make is just one in a long life-line of decisions. If you accept the risk (no matter how big it may seem) and know that some things will not turn out the way you planned, you may just find they are what you needed, none-the-less. Making the best decision you can in the moment, no matter the outcome, will build your confidence and help you stay in control of your life, instead of life just happening to you!

    Making decisions, which we do consciously and subconsciously about 60,000 times a day, can really be fun if you think about it. You have so much power to drive things your way, and the best way to do that is to be aware, stay in alignment with what’s most important to you and make your choices based on that!

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