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  • Laurie W. – Creative Director

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    Nov 10

    “Through my sessions with Lisa, she inspired me to change the way I eat. She explained to me why eating organic is so important. Many people have told me to buy/eat organic, but I never understood WHY. That is such an important aspect of changing the way I eat. She got me so excited about making positive changes in my lifestyle! Lisa made great simple suggestions for a healthier approach to changing my eating habits. Her suggestions were tailored to my tastes and my family’s tastes. She even told me which stores near me have food options. She gave me multiple solutions for every meal, some of which were only slightly different than what I have already been eating. I learned about food choices that I could easily avoid in my diet to promote better health. It has been easy to make a smooth transition to a healthier lifestyle with Lisa’s help. She has so much education and knowledge to share with the world!”


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